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The mosquito has left the room and it is not something to be happy about

The mosquito has left the room and it is not something to be happy about


Last October, a group of entomologists from the Krefeld Entomological Society near Dusseldorf published a new study, where they announced an observed 75% decline in flying insects’ biomass over 27 years, in Germany’s protected areas. In about 3 decades, ¾ of [...]

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19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China: Xi, Xi, Xi, Xi and Xi!

19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China: Xi, Xi, Xi, Xi and Xi!

On Wednesday, October 18th, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will very likely see President Xi Jinping further bolster his position as one of the most powerful leaders in modern Chinese history, even in the worldwide political [...]

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France seeks to revive the European project, while Germany hesitates

In the aftermath of Emmanuel Macron's speech on Europe, the German press warned that there might be a major obstacle in the revival of the European project: the FDP, the liberal party with which Angela Merkel would have to rule, and whose European ideas are radically opposed to those of Emmanuel Macron.

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The Fed seems on track to achieve its monetary policy normalization

On Wednesday, September 20th, the Fed left interest rates unchanged but FOMC members signalled they still expect one more hike by year end despite a recent bout of low inflation. The big news, however, is on the beginning of the reduction of the huge Fed’s balance sheet after three successive waves of quantitative easing. Indeed, [...]

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Argentina acclaimed by the markets for its first 100-year bond

Argentina acclaimed by the markets for its first 100-year bond

A little more than a year after the end of the long saga of Argentine debt, Buenos Aires continues to be tested by the financial markets. The Macri government has just completed a 100-year bond issue in USD. This event that would have been impossible even [...]

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ECB Economic Bulletin: From economic to political concerns!

On Wednesday June 21st, the European Central Bank (ECB) released its regular Economic Bulletin in which the Frankfurt-based central bank said fresh concerns have arisen as old ones fade. Indeed, risks to global growth appeared to have diminished, notably with financial markets that are so far accommodating to the Federal Reserves (Fed) tightening without problems. [...]

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Fed funds hike: Do old pipes really give the sweetest smoke?

On Wednesday June 14th, the Federal Reserve (Fed) has raised short-term interest rates for only the fourth time in more than 10 years (i.e., since the global financial crisis) and for the second time in 2017, stepping up the pace of tightening while inflation expectations are moving in the opposite direction that the Fed wants [...]

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Switzerland: A major shift from nuclear to renewables but the horizon is still a blur!

On Sunday 21st of May, the Swiss voted for the second time in the last six months on a major energy issue. According to the last provisional final figures after Sunday’s referendum, a full 58.2% of Swiss voters supported the new law on energy, with only four of the country’s 26 cantons voting “No”. Doris [...]

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April 2017 IMF World Economic Outlook: Gaining momentum or gaining protectionism?

In delivering the spring version of its well-known World Economic Outlook, a broad report on the international economy that is updated two times a year, the IMF underlined that global economic growth will accelerate in 2017 as investment, manufacturing and trade rebound. Indeed, world growth is expected to rise to 3.5% in 2017 and 3.6% [...]

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2017 French presidential platforms: What about energy?

The first round of the French presidential election will take place on April 23rd and it is time to take a closer look at the energy proposals of the five main candidates who are leading in opinion polls, i.e., François Fillon (Les Républicains-UDI, center-right), Benoît Hamon (Parti Socialiste-Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, left), Marine Le Pen (Front [...]

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