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Bringing back some fear on the market?

Germany and France will have a very busy electoral year in 2017. Between Presidential and general elections in both countries, and after Brexit (implementation of the Article 50), the European political landscape will, for sure, definitely change.

On financial markets, this translates into a growing fear towards the unknown. Then fear turns into risk and risk [...]

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Good night and good luck

On Friday afternoon, Donald Trump will officially become the United States 45th President. This came as quite a shock when the elections took place in early November. However, the buzz is gone now and everybody will have to deal with it. So be it. As many Democrats, such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the [...]

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Germany beyond expectations… for long?

This morning, the German Federal Statistical Office released a new set of figures indicating that the price-adjusted gross domestic product grew by 1.9% on annual average in 2016. This is the strongest growth rate since 2011 (+3.7%) and half a percentage point higher than the average of the last ten years (+1.4%). The main driver [...]

The oil market: why you should stop, think and only maybe act

It probably occurred to you that the oil price skyrocketed yesterday during trading hours, in the wake of the OPEC reunion held in in Vienna. Following the Algiers summit, last September, the market was hoping for some news regarding a potential output cut and made up a hype mostly from scratch. Consequently, the WTI that [...]

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The coal phase-out, an old chestnut or an ongoing reality

Finland could become on December 25th, the first country to ditch coal-fired power plants for good. “Giving up coal is the only way to reach international climate goals”, said the Olli Rehn, Minister for Economic Affairs. Three days ago, Canada itself had announced a plan to phase out the use of coal-fired electricity, with the [...]

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Is the world Trumping apart?

So, there we are… The real estate tycoon Donald Trump, the one that nobody never saw coming is now poised to be the 45th President of the United States of America. Major figure of the populist movement in the country, nobody can say for sure what his platform is made of as the only claim [...]

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Waiting for Godot? (The tale of the never coming rate hike)

This comes as no surprise, but the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) that was meeting on Wednesday decided not to raise the Federal funds rate. The central bank’s target range for the Fed funds’ rate therefore remains at 0.25 to 0.50% as of now. Obviously, the proximity of the next American presidential elections (next [...]

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The first major green finance shift?

A little less than a year after the COP21 was held in Paris, two major French banks, Société Générale and Crédit Agricole, announced today that they would from now on stop funding coal mines and coal-fired power plants worldwide. This decision was made in the wake of the Carbon Finance Day that will be held [...]

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Saudi Arabia: are the financial markets fuelling their own distress?

Last Wednesday (Oct. 19th 2016), Saudi Arabia placed its historical first bond issue. And when it comes to the biggest oil producer in the world, things are necessarily out of proportions… The country thus borrowed USD 17.5 billion on the biggest syndicated loan ever placed by a sovereign. This issue was segmented in three tranches: [...]

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AFD on the path of climate change-oriented reforms… and so are we

Fighting against climate change is this century’s battle. It involves not only our future, but also the future of our children, and Gael Giraud, Chief economist of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) knows it. On Thursday, he was once again invited on national radio to explain his views and used a very sensible metaphor.
- Imagine a [...]

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