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Final energy use per capita and fuel mix in selected low, middle and high-income countries

“Historically, the pathway to economic growth has largely been a consequence of a shift away from an agrarian based economy towards industrialisation and a knowledge-based economy. Such structural changes in an economy in turn change its patterns and levels of energy consumption and shift the types of fuels and energy technologies it utilises. Economic and [...]

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The relationship between per-capita final energy consumption and income in developing countries

“This figure shows the relationship between fuel use and income across a range of developing countries. In low-income countries, final consumption of energy in the residential, services, industry and transport sectors is low and is comprised mainly of biomass. In high-income developing countries, the fuel mix is much more diverse and the overall amount of [...]

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Macro prudential stress testing: “Monitoring” the European financial system – Bobsguide – 25/10/2017

The most original innovations often stem from necessity or are born for the purposes of overcoming unforeseen difficulties. This is the case for macro prudential stress tests, namely a set of analysis techniques used by financial supervisory authorities since the great global financial crisis in 2007-2009. This approach has resulted in the achievement of significant [...]

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How Saudi Arabia Is Building Its $2 Trillion Fund – Bloomberg – 23/10/2017

Saudi Arabia is stepping up plans to turn its sovereign wealth fund into a global giant. This week, it’s holding a coming-out party of sorts for the Public Investment Fund, which is central to the government’s effort to diversify the economy away from oil, under a plan known as Vision 2030. The Saudis are hosting [...]

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Climate change is putting more homes at risk of wildfire – Inman – 17/10/2017

Last week’s wildfire disaster in Northern California has drawn renewed attention to the impact of climate change on patterns of real estate development. As a counterpoint to the attraction of waterfront property despite hurricane risks, the beauty of Northern California and other western regions has always been accompanied by a certain level of wildfire risk.

Source: [...]

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Norway to study shift from oil due to climate risks – Climate Action – 06/10/2017

Norway, Western Europe’s biggest oil and gas producer, is set to reduce dependency on oil and gas exports due to loss of value of oil and gas amid climate change mitigation efforts and increased value of clean energy technologies.

Source:  Climate Action, 2017/10/06

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Americans want a tax on carbon pollution, but how to get one? – The Guardian – 23/10/2017

According to a new study published by Yale scientists in Environmental Research Letters, Americans are willing to pay a carbon tax that would increase their household energy bills by $15 per month, or about 15%, on average. This result is consistent with a survey from last year that also found Americans are willing to pay [...]

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India’s 25 Billion Pounds Bank Recapitalisation Plan Lifts Shares, Raises Questions – The New York Times – 25/10/2017

Indian banking shares soared on Wednesday, sending indexes to record highs after the cabinet approved a 24.68 billion pounds plan to recapitalise its state banks over the next two years, although uncertainty remains about how the injections will be structured.

Source:  The New York Times, 2017/10/25

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China Faces Growing Debt Problems, Says Central Bank Governor – Global Research – 24/10/2017

A warning by the governor of the People’s Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, that the country’s financial system faces a possible “Minsky moment” has again raised concerns over the level of the country’s debt.

Source:  Global Research, 2017/10/24

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The IMF has joined the list of major organisations concerned about Australia’s household debt – Business Insider – 04/10/2017

The IMF has issued a warning on Australia’s domestic economy, highlighting the threats to consumption growth from growing household debt levels. The “Rising Household Debt: What It Means for Growth and Stability” research report says that while an increase in household debt provides a near-term boost to the economy, the positive effects begin to reverse [...]

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