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Wall Street has ‘a bigger fear’ of a debt-ceiling crisis than in the past — here’s what happened to markets during the last scare – Business Insider – 03/09/2017

September marks the end of the summer slump on Wall Street, and could also be the most crucial month of the year. Congress' failure to pass a funding bill that keeps the government open is just one many risks that could rock global markets. Historically, stocks have rebounded after government shutdowns, and investors still [...]

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Global Investor Sentiment Improves, Except in US – Financial Tribune – 05/09/2017

Investor sentiment towards most geographic regions improved in September, although according to the results of one widely-followed survey there is some skepticism surrounding the situation in the US.

Source:  Financial Tribune, 05/09/2017

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Autralia: Renewables helping secure electricity but undersupply risk in short term, report says – The Guardian – 05/09/2017

Energy Market Operator report comes as Coalition seeks to extend life of Australia’s oldest coal power plant, Liddell

Source:  The Guardian, 05/09/2017

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Hurricane Irma Could Destroy Oil Demand – – 05/09/2017

About half of the shuttered refining capacity along the Gulf Coast could be back up and running by Thursday, assuaging concerns about the possibility of acute gasoline shortages in much of the U.S.

Source:, 05/09/2017

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Canada: Big banks raise consumer lending rates after Bank of Canada rate hike – Financial Post – 06/09/2017

The prime lending rate at the country's five big banks will rise to 3.2 per cent, effective Thursday, following the Bank of Canada's rate hike

Source:  Financial Post, 06/09/2017

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Experts hope upcoming defence bill could alert Trump to climate change’s threat to national security – The Independent – 06/09/2017

The administration's argument against fighting climate change may be at odds with its national security stance

Source:  The Independent, 06/09/2017

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Heat wave, fires, hurricanes bear the ‘fingerprints of climate change,’ scientists say – Sacbee – 06/09/2017

As Hurricane Irma prepared to strike the Florida coast and millions of acres continued to burn in the West, climatologists said it was overly simplistic to blame global warming for the flurry of chaotic weather afflicting portions of the United States. Wildfires, heat waves and hurricanes are common this time of year.

Source:  Sacbee, 06/09/2017

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Twin megastorms have scientists fearing this may be the new normal – The Guardian – 06/09/2017

Destructive force of Irma and Harvey has Trump expressing awe, but those in power should focus on the environmental causes

Source:  The Guardian, 06/09/2017

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Cracks Emerge in Corporate Debt Confidence – Bloomberg – 06/09/2017

Traders turn to derivatives to hedge against potential losses.

Source:  Bloomberg, 06/09/2017

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Record inflows just the beginning for Asia’s highest yield debt – The Economic Times – 06/09/2017

Asia’s highest-yielding bonds are holding on to their fans, with top investors saying they’ll keep buying Indian and Indonesian debt -- even if policy makers don’t keep easing.

Source:  The Economic Times, 06/09/2017

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