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Sub-Saharan Africa needs solid growth plans to avoid hard landing – IMF – Fin 24 – 12/09/2017

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa require strong and sustainable growth plans to ensure periods of sharp growth don’t end in a hard landing, a working paper by the International Monetary Fund argued.

Source:  Fin 24, 12/09/2017

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Egypt ignores runaway borrowing at its own peril – The New Arab – 12/09/2017

Egypt's public debt now totals more than 130 percent of GDP - as compared to 92.2 percent in 2014, when Egypt's was the world's 18th most indebted government. Cairo has now climbed up that debtor rank to be among the world's top five.

Source:  The New Arab, 12/09/2017

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Dollar rally pauses as market braces for U.S. inflation data – Reuters – 11/09/2017

The U.S. dollar’s rally paused on Thursday as traders waited for consumer inflation data later in the day for clues on whether the Federal Reserve will maintain its gradual pace of credit tightening.

Source:  Reuters, 11/09/2017

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China’s Currency Rebounds as Economic Optimism Returns – New York Times – 11/09/2017

For those who worry about the state of the world economy, China has long been a major reason to lose sleep. Its financial system labors under a mountain of loans, while weaker growth has prompted many Chinese people and companies to move their money overseas in recent years.

Source:  New York Times, 11/09/2017

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Northern China smog cuts life expectancy by 3 years versus south: study – Reuters – 11/09/2017

Air pollution caused by coal-fired winter heating has slashed life expectancy in northern China by more than three years compared with the south, according to a new study, underlining the urgency of Beijing’s efforts to tackle smog.

Source:  Reuters, 11/09/2017

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Hurricane Irma: IMF is resisting a moratorium on Barbuda’s sovereign debt repayments – The Independent – 11/09/2017

The IMF's special representative to the United Nations suggested the Fund would rather lend more money to the island, rather than stop collecting the repayments due

Source:  The Independent, 11/09/2017

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Finland to introduce law next year phasing out coal – Reuters – 31/08/2017

Finland will introduce legislation next year to phase out coal and increase carbon taxes, a top government official told Reuters, which would require the country to find alternative energy sources to keep its power system stable.

Source:  Reuters, 31/08/2017

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Electricity Access in Developing Countries

The vast majority of people without access to electricity are in sub-Saharan Africa and the Oceania region, and most of them live in rural areas.

“In Africa, nearly 60% of people have no access to reliable electricity. 5 To put these numbers in perspective, the entire continent of Africa has about 150 GW of installed power [...]

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Carbon pricing schemes are planned or in place all round the world

This map shows the schemes already in place or planned. Most schemes focus on carbon intensive sectors, but their scope is expanding to other industries. They are also expanding geographically to cover a significant proportion of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“Carbon pricing has expanded significantly over the last 10-15 years. The number, stringency and [...]

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China issues new guidelines to limit overseas investment – World Finance – 21/08/2017

Overseas investments in the entertainment, hotel and property industries will be discouraged by the Chinese Government, in favour of proposals that fit the country’s macroeconomic strategy

Source:  World Finance, 21/08/2017

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