Oil Change International just published a new report showing the country breakdown of GHG emissions implied by fossil fuels emissions.

“As the world moves beyond gas, oil, and coal, this will become an increasingly moral issue: comparable to production and export of asbestos when its domestic use has been phased-out.”

World’s largest annual exporters of emissions

Note: Emission based on the GHG content of fossil fuel export

Source: Oil and gas data for 2016, from BP Statistical Review 2017, op. cit. Coal data for 2015 (the most recent available), from German Federal Institute for Geosciences & Natural Resources (BGR), “Energy Study 2016”, https://www.bgr.bund.de/EN/Themen/Energie/Produkte/energy_study_2016_summary_en.html Emissions factors based on carbon content from IPCC Guidelines, op. cit.: oil 0.42 tCO2/bbl, gas 59,726 tCO2/bcf, anthracite/bituminous coal 2.53 tCO2/t, sub-bituminous coal 1.81tCO2/t, lignite 1.20 tCO2/t. Assume each country’s hard coal divided between anthracite/bituminous and sub-bituminous in same proportions as 2011 production (most recent breakdown available), according to World Energy Council, “World Energy Resources 2013”, https://www.worldenergy.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Complete_WER_2013_Survey.pdf. In: The Sky’s Limit Norway. Oil Change International. August 2017.